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Released Taliban do not serve the peace process in Afghanistan

Subject Released Taliban do not serve the peace process in Afghanistan

Hundreds of Taliban detainees held formerly by the U.S. military in Bagram, the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan, have been freed over December 2012 and January 2013. The latest batch composed of 129 people were set free in Taliban former stronghold Kandahar province on Jan 5, 2013.

At the request of Afghan government, Pakistan has also set free more than two dozen Taliban detainees since November 2012, which was praised by Kabul as a step forward to facilitate talks with Taliban. But that is unrealistic and wishful thinking only from policy makers in Arg palace in Kabul. It is another proof of incompetence. The government in Kabul is taking increasingly desperate steps to kick-start peace moves before the Afghan army and police take on full responsibility for security.

The former Taliban detainees do certainly not have the capability and goodwill to conduct peace talks in Afghanistan. None of the former detainees have formally joined the government-backed peace process in Afghanistan. Nor has Pakistan formally handed over any released Taliban element to Kabul.

The Taliban outfit has vowed to continue Jihad or holy war against the NATO-led troops stationed in Afghanistan. Those have been set free would either go home or rejoin the Taliban rank to fight the government.

The Afghan Government claimed it is ready to offer security and impunity to representatives of the Taliban and other militant groups if they express readiness for participation in intra-Afghan consultative meeting. Nobody believes this claim as even the National Directorate of Security Chief (NDS) recently was nearly killed by a suicide bomber.

The release of the Taliban prisoners from Pakistan and Afghan jails is a programme to support the militants and will perpetuate the war in Afghanistan. The Kabul led peace efforts is a failed process as the Karzai Government is empty handed and has nothing substantial to offer to motivate armed oppositions to join the process. The peace program is contributing to instability.

Released 2013-01-07