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Pakistan scapegoat for Afghanistan failure

Subject Pakistan scapegoat for Afghanistan failure

Since the killing of Burhanuddin Rabbani, President Karzai, NATO and the United States have earmarked Pakistan as a scapegoat for their failure in Afghanistan.

In a speech to Wolesi Jirga, afghan National Directorate of Security NDS Acting Head Rahmatullah Nabil said the following factors were responsible for killing of Burhanuddin Rabbani:

-       Afghan Government’s too much optimism for peace without an effective mechanism;

-       Too much inclination of terrorists for bloodshed;

-       Government’s too much optimism toward the enemy;

-       Authorities’ non-confidence on Government organs such as NDS

It is a tripe apartheid kind of story where three parties are involved. There is NATO/the United States government, the Afghan government which of course in this case is kind of a puppet government of the United States in Kabul. And the third is the Pakistan's military establishment in Islamabad. So all three are fooling each other and they are not sincere in maintaining peace and stability in that region because of certain vested interest and national interest.

NATO/USA wants to get out of Afghanistan the sooner the better. But the USA wants to keep bases to control Iran, Pakistan, the Central Asian Republics and China. Thus is promoting nationalism in Afghanistan: Foreigners out of Afghanistan. And because of the Presidential Election in the US in November 2012 the obvious defeat in Afghanistan is being declared victory.

President Karzai failed miserably trying to get the Taliban into the boat. The whole process was fiction. And the unpopular western troops have to split. Karzai knows he and his Government will not survive after the NATO/US withdrawal 2014. Never the less since the US has identified Pakistan - for American internal consumption - as scapegoat for failing in Afghanistan Karzai dares to tout too towards Pakistan, knowing that no solution is possible without Pakistan playing a decisive role in post 2014 Afghanistan.

And Pakistan is the coolest player in the game. Pakistani Generals feel neither really impressed nor frightened by American threads, cutting money or invading the tribal area in the Frontier. 90% of NATO logistic is being moved through Pakistan and 140.000 Pakistani soldiers try to secure the mountainous tribal area. The Generals could easily stop both, creating even more chaos along the Durand border line between Pakistan and Afghanistan. And they receive contradicting signals from the White House, the CIA, US department of Defense and State as well as from USAID who are not fine tuned to the current Pakistan bashing. Pakistan is far from being isolated and has China as a mighty long-term friend and is currently cultivating Iran. So time is on Pakistan’s side.

The US may vent its frustration on Pakistan, but the latter is well positioned to carry on with its designs, given that Afghanistan is ruled by a corrupt and dysfunctional government, and that the US and its allies have been unable to safeguard the Afghan-Pakistan border, or secure a regional consensus to bind Afghanistan's neighbors into an agreement not to interfere in its internal affairs. As long as this remains the case, the field is wide open for the insurgents and ISI to expect success in one form or another.

Released 2011-10-06